CWES Money Clinics
Money Clinics provide free, confidential, one on one appointments for women, non-binary and gender diverse people with financial concerns in the context of domestic and family violence. Money Clinics are staffed by violence-informed and trauma-informed women with financial counselling qualifications.
CWES - Steps to Financial safety
If you are thinking about leaving an abusive partner, or you want to establish some financial independence, there are a few steps you can consider taking. This checklist from the Centre for Women's Economic Safety is available in English, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Spanish and Tamil.
Recognise and Recover Guide
Recognise and Recover is the Commonwealth Bank's Guide to help you recognise financial abuse, recover and regain financial control. It includes useful financial considerations for before you leave an abusive partner and after.
Separating with debt: A guide to your legal options
From the Department of the Attorney General, this Guide is for separating couples to navigate how to divide their property and share responsibility for paying off their debts.
Financial Abuse Legal Service NSW
Redfern Legal Centre's Financial Abuse Legal Service provides free legal information and advice to people across NSW who have experienced financial abuse in an intimate partner relationship.
Money problems with your partner
This booklet helps you explore money problems with your partner. It includes information about financial abuse, managing money, and ways to get back control of your finances.
Financial Safety Checklist
The WEstjustice Financial Safety Checklist was developed for financial counsellors to work through with clients experiencing family violence. Although the checklist was developed in Victoria, some questions and actions may be relevant for people in other parts of Australia. 
Your Toolkit
Your Toolkit is designed by Financial Toolbox for women facing domestic violence and financial abuse. It includes information and guides to support women on their journey to an independent, confident and safe life.
Lived experiences of financial abuse
Visit Insight Exchange for more lived experience insights from women who have experienced domestic and family violence involving economic abuse.
Ask Lois
Ask Lois is a free legal online information service (LOIS) for community workers in NSW, who are responding to women with legal needs.
CWES - Economic abuse and the law
Economic abuse is defined in domestic and family violence legislation in every Australian state and territory except NSW. This fact sheet from the Centre for Women's Economic Safety is available in English, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Spanish.